An intentional life grows one day at a time

An intentional life grows one day at a time

A few evenings ago, we were leaving for an evening walk and as my husband opened the door, he went, “Wah!” - an exclamation in several Indian languages; it means “Wow, or very good or how awesome". I peered over his shoulder to see what was so amazing, and come face-to-face with these flowers. What a gift!

This plant was tiny when we brought it home around 3-4 years ago. And it has grown a little bit every day and now it stands taller than me. The wonders of compounded growth!

I see this little growth one day at a time adding up to big rewards all around me, in the garden, in my loved ones' and friends' lives, and in my own.

Tiny steps over the long term

This “doing a little bit” is how I have learned & am learning many many things over the last years - art, writing, swimming, running, driving, dealing with physical and mental difficulties, running a business, growing in relationships, and so on…

Some of them took a long time (like driving) because I needed to shift major things within me and get over my fears. But the most important part was expressing a clear intention and taking small steps consistently. There are days of doubt, fear, and anxiety but eventually, it comes back to “What kind of person could I grow into? or What kind of life would I like to see blossom?"

A fun experiment

Answer one or more of these questions for yourself, with honesty, curiosity, and joy. Try to uncover your real desire instead of trying to give the right or the socially desirable answer.

I would like myself to grow into ………………………..

I would like to see my life blossom into …………………………

I would like to learn ……………………………

Once you know where to go, here's an article shared by Brian Pagan with evidence-based advice on how to grow in different areas of life:

Living an intentional life can make your life richer, and seeing you blossom might even be a gift to others around you, like those flowers :).

Thank you!