How accepting pain may create the path to healing

A darwing of me in the planck pose on the ground
Drawing by me

As I write this, there's a pain in my left back and pelvis area - and it has been there since a few days. I have had pain in my muscles on and off, for many years now. And of course I have tried and am trying all sorts of therapies and exercises to address this pain. Like me holding a plank in the self-portrait above :D. I find it bloody annoying that I can't 'fix' this.

During one of conversations with the psycho-somatic therapist, I talked about this pain and what to do about it.

She: "What do you feel when it hurts?"

Me: "I get scared and feel guilty that I am doing something wrong. I try to fix it or obsess about how I can make it better, I start to do google searches for courses, home remedies, exercises and so on."

She: "What if you just accept it?"

Me: "That'd feel like I will forever be in pain. And that's difficult to accept."

She: "How about accepting it just for now. Like 'I am in pain right now and that's how it is'."

As we talked more, she helped me see that I want to be able to control my pain. This is human, but the truth is I have no control over it (as all these years of 'being good' have shown me).

She asked me to try that when I notice the pain, I accept it and let it be. I am not always able to accept pain, but when I do, I see that acceptance takes away the misery that I create for myself by obsessing over the pain.

How do you deal with your pain?

Thanks for reading,