How do we listen to the present?

Text saying "The more deeply we listen to the present, the more deeply we experience life.
Quote by yours' truly

As I write, the sunlight is resting on my feet and arms and I see a plane crossing the soft blue sky, leaving a trail behind. The clock is ticking, cars are passing by, my fingers are clicking over the laptop keyboard, and I am full of gratitude and serenity.

I am thinking of my siblings whom I saw this year after 3 years, my heart is tender with gratitude and love but also with the feeling of missing them. This weave of sights, sounds, thoughts, feelings, and actions forms the fabric of life.

And the more deeply we experience the ‘present’ thread of time, the more deeply we experience life. So today I would like to invite you to feel the texture of the present moment by listening.

Close your eyes for around a minute and try to notice all the different sounds you can hear around you. How many can you hear?

Move your attention gently and try to relax and let the sounds come to you, don't worry if you are missing anything, just slowly feel the texture of the soundscape around you.

Thank you!