How I am finding and living the purpose of my life

A drawing saying The threads of life.
Lettering by me.

As I write this, a pressure cooker whistle is going off, family members are chatting in the background, and I can't hear myself think :D. So I am trying to come back to my body - feeling my feet on the floor, the butt on the seat, and my back against the backrest. I want to think on the purpose of my life.

A longing for purpose

When I started my business around 5 years ago, I wanted to find the purpose of my life and to align my life with that purpose. So over the last five years, I did many things to get closer to that purpose - an altMBA, yearly reflections, daily journaling, morning pages, creating courses and workshops, reading, writing, talking to fellow travellers, etc.

In the meantime I was also working on healing the chronic issues within my body, which brought me to healing the emotional issues in my life. And I learned that being grounded within my body is the key to my physical and emotional wellness.

Where I am

I don't know if the chronic conditions within me will pass, but the process of trying to get better has brought me so many moments of feeling at home within my body, and feeling at home with life.

My search for a purpose and my journey of healing - the various threads in my life seem to be coming together. Experiencing life through the body instead of through the mind is where the path is taking me right now.

If you have a longing within you to find your path, then pursue the next thing that your heart is pointing to. And continue searching - the search itself is a revealing and rewarding experience.

That's all for today.

Thank you for reading,