What does feeling things have to do with Forgiveness?

A closed hand holding the branch of a succulent with flowers
Holding on to a branch with flowers, drawing by me.

Feeling & Forgiveness

As I wrote earlier, I wanted to practice forgiveness this year and let go of any hard feelings I might harbor from the past. So that I could free myself.

It seemed to me that forgiveness is a decision. And once I decide, it would be easy and I would just let go. But learning has its own path :D.

Some things from the past came up unexpectedly, and I saw that if I truly want to forgive, I would need to feel my emotions. That is, see them clearly, let them pass through me, and let them go. Instead of trying to hold on to them or analyze them or avoid them altogether.

And if it seems too hard, lovingly say to myself, “It's okay, it's okay to feel afraid/sad/angry”. It is almost like holding the branch of a flowering plant, experiencing the beauty of it, and letting it go - without trying to hoard the plant, avoid it, cut it, and so on.

Here are the things that help me feel:

  • Journaling (Morning pages & 6-minute diary)
  • Psychosomatic therapy/Haptotherapy
  • Walking
  • Sharing honestly with loved ones about how I feel
  • Attending meetings of a 12-step program meeting

How do you forgive?