Where are your crazy, stupid ideas ?

Where are your crazy, stupid ideas ?

When we are thinking of solutions, we want to arrive at a creative and excellent solution right away. But creativity rarely works linearly and more importantly, creative ideas often come from beyond “the good practices”. Because the good practices are already known and established. To find something new or to look at our world in a new manner, we need to venture into the world of unknown, unseen, and unacknowledged things. And to welcome ideas that seem to be crazy or stupid.

A Stupidity Fridge

One of the creative tools/practices I talk about often is having a Stupidity Fridge, a concept by Dimitris Grammenos. A stupidity fridge is a place where you store all and any ideas that come up, without filtering, judging, or criticism.

Storing ideas in a stupidity fridge has several advantages:

  • First of all, it teaches you to let ideas come up without any judgment or without being too concerned about the outcome - which is key for being creative.
  • It also teaches your brain to give you more ideas because your brain sees that you pay attention to ideas and record them. And having more ideas means having more creative ideas.
  • You can look into the fridge at any time for inspiration or for amusement :).

Mumu, my stupidity fridge

My stupidity fridge is Mumu - a Whatsapp group with myself. I created a WhatsApp group with my partner and then politely asked them to leave :D or I may have just used their phone and made them leave.

I use WhatsApp is because it is on my phone, so is usually close by and it is casual. I don't like complex, technical solutions. I just write out the idea with a starting tag of Story/Article/Art/Framework/Reminder idea, so that I can easily search through my ideas if needed.

Where are your crazy, stupid ideas ?

Thank you!