Why is listening to the bigger world around us essential for us?

A landscape with mountains, the sea, greenery, the sun and a blue sky
Art by yours truly :)

Listening to nature

Walking is one of my dearest pleasures in life. Some months ago, we went for a guided walk in nature at night. We were walking in the forest in the dark. We could hear the sound of the raindrops hitting the leaves and the wood and the soft ground. The swishing sound of our jackets, an animal panting in the trees somewhere around us, an owl hooting, and the sound of leaves as we stepped on them. It was a beautiful, restful, and humbling experience.

Listening to nature around us is precious and essential. It provides us with a space to listen to ourselves because we can 'feel' how we are nature too. And this serenity, calmness, and connectedness with nature enable us to connect with our inner world.

And we can feel how nature doesn't just provide replenishment for our outer life but also our inner life - the joy, beauty, and serenity of natural life - all things that make life worth living and not just surviving.

On this note, I want to share this beautiful article that my coach and fellow writer Jane Hardjono shared with me, on why we should listen and be aware of our surroundings: Elder calls for more silence, more listening

How do you listen to the bigger world around you?

Thank you!