What is embodiment coaching and what kind of goals can you work on during an embodiment coaching session?

A landscape a river, grass, and archery targets with arrows - to represent life journey.
We walk life's path with my conscious and unconscious goals and desires. Drawing by me.

Like many of you, Embodiment coaching was a new term for me till last year, even though I had been working with the body and mindfulness for a while. So let's first look at what do I mean when I say Embodiment.

What is embodiment coaching?

Embodiment has different definitions in different contexts. For the purposes of my coaching, it means being present with the sensations in your body.

So during an embodiment coaching session, the client is present with what they are feeling within their body and the associated thoughts that come up. And depending on the client's goals, we use coaching tools to move through both what is felt and the thoughts that come up.

So embodiment coaching is a gentle and holistic way of moving towards our desires and goals.

Embodiment means being present with the sensations in your body.

What kind of problems is Embodiment coaching suited for?

Embodiment life and career coaching is applicable to any life and career challenge. It is especially suited to today's lifestyle where a life before screens makes it easy to live like a floating head.

We use both the sensations in the body and the thoughts arising in the mind during the session, instead of only relying on the mind. It is gentle and impactful work.

If you would like to see if embodiment coaching can help you, please set up a introductory call with me here: https://calendly.com/beant-ux/discovery-call

Here are some of the life and career challenges, goals, and desires that I have coached my clients on (details changed for confidentiality):

Moving through a career transition with ease and confidence

Navigating the search for a heart-aligned career

Rosa knows that she is looking for a change of career and wants a career aligned with her heart but she is afraid she may never find such a career. She also feels afraid that she might risk her current "safe" job if she starts this search. But she wants to start working on the next steps with gentleness, joy and confidence instead of fear.

Continuing a career transition

Sam has already started taking the next steps towards a new career and he often doubts if he is doing the right thing and gets worried that he might fail. This makes him less productive in his transition. He wants to move forward with focus instead of getting distracted by fears.

Getting a promotion

Elaine would like a promotion but she doesn't feel confident if she would be able to handle the responsibilities and doubts if she deserves it. She would like to move forward and take the next steps confidently.

Growing into a new role

Succeeding on your own terms

Aaliya recently started a new role and she wants to be successful. But she also wants to grow into this role on her own terms, e.g., delegating responsibilities in a shared way rather than being "too directive" or "bossy". And she would like to see a clearer way of how to grow into her role while staying true to herself.

Being assertive during tough conversations with stakeholders

Sumit has stepped into a new role and their team is performing under a lot of stress. They want to be more assertive during conversations with their stakeholders instead of feeling like they are helpless in tough conversations.

Embodiment coaching is applicable to any life and career challenge... we use both the sensations in the body and the thoughts arising in the mind during the session... it is gentle and impactful work.


Delaying tasks till the last minute

Ronen delays doing certain tasks till the last moment. This causes them a lot of stress and takes a toll on their mental and physical health. They want to work on this behavior so that they can enjoy their work more and feel less stressed.

Too little time and too much stress

Mascha feels that there isn't enough time and they need to rush and complete things but get stuck because they feel stressed. They want to be able to progress forward faster.

Becoming better at "being present with their feelings"

Pawel has been working on some life challenges in therapy and feels that he is unable to stay present with his feelings and feels 'blocked' when he gets overwhelmed. He wants to get better at being present and grounded in his body.

Feeling more comfortable in social situations and at work

Gloria feels stressed in social situations where she is surrounded by many people, be it at work or at parties. She wants to be able to be more present and enjoy social situations instead of feeling tense and constricted.

As you see people work on a variety of challenges in sessions with me.

So wherever, in life or career, you feel like you need new insights to move forward or where you are feeling stuck, embodiment coaching can help. If you want to know more, please schedule an introductory call here: https://calendly.com/beant-ux/discovery-call